Elements of a strong marketing strategy

If you are among the business owners in the food sector, you must be aware that an attractive menu and delicious food are important, but not enough, to constantly attract customers. Your business needs a strong and innovative marketing strategy.

What is a marketing strategy? 

Look at your marketing strategy as a map that will help you keep track of your goal. Its role is to support your business strategy and increase your profit margin through a series of well-developed tactics.

This article will show you some essential elements that a marketing strategy of a restaurant, in a digital age, should include. Apply them and you will have guaranteed success.

Wise promotion on social media

If you are not present on any social media platform, then your next essential step is to create an account. 

Most restaurants are present on at least one social media platform, but are they creating enough promotional content? Or rather, do they create the right content?

Social media is a representative voice of your brand, a label suggestive of your image. What kind of content you post and how much you invest in it, reflects your attitude towards your own business. Being available online means that you are receptive to feedback and reviews, which in turn conveys that your brand is modern, available and reliable.

Use social platforms as a means of promotion and communication with customers

Did you know that an internet user is generally present on 7 social networks? The top 3 social networks that have had an impact on the food industry are: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Now that you know which networks to focus on, you need to create the right content. People are visual beings, spare them of too many details. Choose to create captivating posts with images that are suggestive of your message.

You can use Instagram for short representative clips of your brand or to post suggestive  pictures, containing a short informative message of your menu, that will awaken people’s appetite. Facebook, on the other hand, is useful for creating posts with more extensive content.

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Loyalty reward program

A powerful marketing strategy is to have its customers at the centre and to ask yourself how can I convince him to come back? Value your customers and they will become loyal. 

How should you repay their loyalty? 

Create attractive loyalty programs for your clients. Offer small rewards, make them feel appreciated and important every single time they step foot into your restaurant. Gifts and rewards will arouse their desire to come back.

You can choose to reward customers who bring their friends with them. Create irresistible group deals. Certainly, the number of your clients will double in a surprisingly short time.

Another impressive method is discount coupons. You can be creative and offer discount coupons with a specific theme for the holidays. People will feel the spirit of celebration and your appreciation.

Launch a representative application

Offer your customers your services at just a click away. It is important how you place yourself in their minds. Show them that you are a strong brand that can adapt to an age of technology.

Through your own app, your customers will have easy access to your service, from anywhere. You will be able to keep them up to date with all the news and you will be able to reward them individually.

Through the mobile application you can keep your business active, regardless of the problems that affect the industry. A clear example is the closure of restaurants caused by the Covid-19 virus. Such an event cannot be framed in a period, it can last months or years. What will you do in this case? Your restaurant must be prepared with a means of delivery, information and customer loyalty to be able to carry out its activity normally regardless of external circumstances.

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Strategic partnerships with influencers

Try to always stay on top, keep up with the new trends that are emerging.

This concept of influencer is new and has an increasing impact on society, especially among young people. Choose to create partnerships with some of the most appreciated influencers.

What can an influencer do for your business?

  • They can add value to your image through a review of your place, giving a note of confidence in front of its followers.
  • They can broaden your customer horizon. Many people will hear about you and will be tempted to try the experience that your place can offer.
  • They can generate more conversions by attaching links to your page.

Now you are ready to create your own strategy. Your restaurant must reach the top!

Do you want to develop your own mobile application for your place? Write us on the contact page for more details.

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