How to get your clients download your app?

Are you among the business owners in the food & beverage industry and you have chosen to digitize your business through a customized application? You are definitely on the right track. If you haven’t decided yet, access this link and convince yourself why your restaurant needs an app.

Now, after launching the application, you are probably wondering what is the best solution to transform your loyal customers into loyal users of your application.

This blog will show you the steps you need to follow to attract as many users as possible for your new launched app and to keep them loyal to your brand.


Create a reward strategy for new registered users!

Everyone loves receiving offers and discounts from their favorite restaurant, coffee shop or fast food, right?

Create special offers for the customers who decide to become your application users, offers which can be used in your restaurant only through the app.

From discount coupons for the first order through the app to “1+1” offers and many other great ideas, there are many ways to reward new registered user.

Be creative, invest time and outline a unique “welcoming strategy” to convince users. Remember to make it attractive and hard to ignorw.

Do not skip this step!

Make yourself heard!

You launched the app and it’s exactly what you have dreamed of. You have created a powerful reward strategy for new users.

The next is to make yourself heard among the customers. You have to make sure that people know about your new app and especially the benefits they will get by downloading the app.

How can you actually do this?

Social media is the main key to reach customers.

If you want your message to reach as many people as possible you have to use the method with access to the largest number of people.

Social media is the best channel for reaching people’s attention and transmitting information. People spend 24/7 on social media reading posts and watching videos from the newsfeed. Make sure that you are present on theirs newsfeed.

What kind of advertising is the best for social media  channels? 

1. Design a picture post with a short and suggestive message to let customers know that you have launched an app. Do not forget to include 2 benefits from your reward strategy. Attach the link where people cand download the apps at the end of the post.

2. Launch an introductive video to highlight the app’s services and to explain how to access them.

3. Contests are popular on social media for a good reason : It works! Start a contest for all new users who create an account and place at least an order. Enter them in a ruffle at the end of the month and reward the winner with one of the prizes from your “reward strategy”.

Create a customer loyalty program!

A great restaurant offers customers not only quality food but also a memorable experience. It is not enough just to convince customers to download the app and become users, you have to convince them to keep using it and stay close to your brand.

Value your app users and they will become loyal to you. Get to know them personally and create a loyalty program that will convince them to become regular users of your mobile application.

Send them a birthday note, offer extra loyalty points that can be redeemed in money so your customers will benefit from discounts on their future orders.

Focus on holidays and create great experiences for each occasion.  You can try coupons with specific holiday themes so your users will feel the warmth of the holidays through your services.

Take in consideration each month of the year. Remind of the sweet taste of summer and the refreshing autumn breeze.  Review your products list and find the most representative combination for each season. Make it available only through the app!

Your users will certainly fall in love with your brand and more than that, will tell others about this beautiful experience they had. The voice of your users is important, don’t ignore it!

Make your users loyal to your service!

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