How to integrate a courier company for your restaurant

Delivery services are growing rapidly in the restaurant industry. The need for comfort and fast service has created a boom in food delivery. For restaurants affected by the pandemic, the delivery service provided an additional revenue stream. If you are interested in hiring a restaurant delivery service, one of the first decisions you will need to make is whether you should build your own team or use a third party company.

The following steps are required to add delivery services to a restaurant:

1. Establish a delivery space
By designating a space for delivery drivers to take orders, you help them bypass a line of waiting customers and increase their efficiency. This space can also be used as a transport area for customers who pick up their orders. If you want to be even more efficient, create a space for employees to deliver packages and take orders. Designate a payment station for customers who have not paid by phone or online.

2. Make technology updates
Online ordering platforms allow guests to easily view your menu, place orders, and pay for digital services. This eliminates the need to take orders over the phone, which can be time consuming and lead to food order errors. Mobile control applications make it convenient for customers to place orders wherever they are, whether they are at home, away or at the office. If the ordering technology is updated, it will be possible to manage the delivery service in a better way and will attract new customers.

3. Training of food delivery staff
If you choose to create your own delivery fleet, take the time to do a delivery staff training program. Teach delivery drivers how to load food and beverage orders into their vehicle and how to safely deliver customer orders. Hiring a third-party delivery service can eliminate the need to train your own drivers, as these companies hire their own experienced delivery drivers. Train your pickup team to verify the accuracy of orders, pack them for transport and include any spices or cutlery needed. They should know where to place orders when they are ready and ensure that the delivery courier is given the correct order.

4. Create a delivery menu
Start by choosing from the most popular menu items. Avoid food that may soften or melt too much after being placed in sealed transport containers. Also ask the staff what kind of meals and dishes they think would be good additions to the delivery menu.

5. Build a relationship with suppliers

If you choose to hire a delivery service, it is recommended that you get to know the delivery couriers serving the location well. The common goal is to work together to deliver delivery orders to customers as quickly as possible. This is much easier when the internal team and third-party couriers are able to successfully connect and transfer orders.

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