Marketing and restaurants, the dont’s

Why do restaurants fail in their marketing efforts? They invest in fliers, Facebook ads, free dinners and influencers to promote their business. And still, some of them fail miserably at this. It doesn’t matter how many marketing strategies you use, if you use them wrong. 

We know that competition in this area is strong and customers have a lot of options to choose from, therefore, they might seem demanding. So, what should any restaurant owner do in this case? Well first of all, start by learning what not to do. As the saying goes: ” Smart people learn from their mistakes. But, the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others. ” 


Not creating a  customer database

A very important marketing activity for restaurants is data collection. This is the first gateway in engaging and bringing new guests into your venue.

Using the data collected from their clients, restaurants can send newsletters and exclusive offers which could include offering the opportunity to try out a new entrée dish for example before it is introduced to the menu, a special discount coupon as a birthday gift or many other facilities which the customers can benefit of.

Reward the customers present in your database and they will be more inclined to share your specials, generating word of mouth for your business in the process. In fact, loyal customers not only buy more frequently, they usually spend more.

Not being present on Social media

Social media is the perfect place to engage with your customers. Keeping the conversation alive and responding to reviews and comments, either good or bad, will make you present. This shows that you care about your customers and about their experience at your place. 

Another mistake is to forget to post and be consistent. It is not enough to just attend your customers comments. You need to keep them up to date with your latest products, events, or just a little though on a random news, just so they know you are there, to say hello. Posting too much on the other hand can be a no as well. Keep your balance and things will come marching your way. 

If you do not know where Social Media stands in your marketing strategies just remember experts say that you should invest at least 40% of the total budget for marketing on social media and digital marketing. Try setting up a plan and sticking to it. 

Whether your business is on social media or not, you can guarantee your diners are through  people’s posts, stories and so on. Take this opportunity to be part of the conversation!


 Missing on mobile    


As a business man you should know that keeping up with the trends is crucial   in surviving. You can, but you are losing people as we speak.

Research shows that 60% of total searches  come from mobile devices, but 72% of these are in the food and beverage category. 

Bottom line – your restaurant should be easy to find while using a phone. That means a mobile-friendly website, a Google My Business account, and information-rich social media profiles. More tips for mobile-friendly marketing can be found here.

Following on from the need for a website, the power of mobile marketing also shouldn’t be ignored. With more smartphone users than ever, people look for information on the go. When it comes to those looking for a restaurant, mobile users are likely to want instant access to menus and the ability to book a table too.

Mobile apps are proving popular investments within the restaurant world. You can provide exclusive discounts to app users, offer rewards for visiting, and provide instant access to menus and online booking functionality. There are many more benefits to investing in a mobile app for your business too, all of which can help build your brand and increase the number of bookings you are taking.

Whether you have a small coffee shop, a fast-food or a multiunit restaurant, having a mobile app to represent your brand is a must.

Let us find the mobile solution for you!



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