How can restaurants survive the restrictions caused by Covid19?


If you are included in the category of business owners in the food & beverages industry, you were certainly surprised by this unfortunate event caused by Covid19. You are probably wondering what is the best solution for your business to survive the restrictions caused by this  pandemic.

In this article you will find out how your restaurant can operate regardless of the unexpected events that hit the industry and stay in the top after the reopening of all restaurants.


Answer: Digitize your business

We live in a digital age where people prefer to use online service through and shop through applications. It is important to know that even before this pandemic hit humanity 80% of people who own a mobile phone, use it to also shop through apps.

The duration of this global pandemic is indefinite, you must be aware that in order to continue to survive on the market you must embrace the concept of “go mobile” and digitize your business.


How will digitalization help you?


  • Uninterrupted activity

Did you have to close because of the new regulations? Your loyal customers can no longer serve your dishes in your place, and you only delivered occasionally, because you preferred to focus on a pleasant customer experience at your place? Basically your activity was suddenly interrupted!

Having your own mobile application will solve the problem of serving your customers. The activity of your restaurant will be uninterrupted. You will not have to close the place regardless of outside events. Your services always remain active and available to customers. The large number of people who use online services will definitely become part of your community, as the customer community grows and your business grows


  • Distance will no longer be a problem

Customers are the key to keeping your business alive. You can’t afford to lose touch with them. Keep them closer to you and away from the competition, while respecting the rules of social distance imposed.

Through the mobile application, customers will continue to have access to the services of your restaurant from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, you will be one step ahead of your competition and you will be able to offer services to its customers, this way you can gain more members for your community and.


  • You will be on trend even after the pandemic ends

Through the mobile application you will be able to keep in touch with your customers. You will be able to retain them and reward them for orders placed through your application. You will thus become a well-known brand, both in your customer community and beyond.

You will be in the same league as the big shots in the food industry with your own customized application. You will gain the attention of customers and also their desire to continue to use your services.

We are at your disposal! We can implement this solution for your restaurant in an advantageous way . Do not miss such an opportunity and contact us!


Covid19 should not affect your business!

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