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What are commissioning platforms?

Commissioning platforms allow users, companies and couriers to connect to get the products they want in minutes. For example, Glovo is a project that was born with the aim of transforming the way users get the products they need. This commissioning platform aims to provide all users with easy access, with a lasting impact on the economy, society and the environment.

What is TapTasty?

TapTasty is a complete service for restaurants, cafes, fast food, bistros or any company operating in similar fields, which allows efficient management of online orders / home deliveries and customer loyalty. TapTasty is used throughout Romania. The service offers a customized mobile application, an online order management panel, integration with home delivery services, as well as tools for creating marketing campaigns and customer loyalty.

The advantages offered by Glovo:

The advantages offered by Glovo are that it exposes the restaurants in a marketplace. Even if at the first sight, the fact that Glovo offers a lot of restaurants is an advantage, this is not the case, because most restaurants are lost among others. Another advantage is the delivery service.

The advantages offered by TapTasty:

In contrast to the Glovo, TapTasty also provides an online administration panel, which helps the business to know its customers better, to monitor its orders more efficiently, to better manage its product catalog, allows the creation of marketing campaigns, offers various reports, gives customers the opportunity to provide feedback. The administration panel is easily accessible from your computer, tablet, POS screen, and allows online order management. TapTasty also provides home delivery services to customers. If a restaurant does not have its own fleet of machines, the TapTasty service allows integration with home delivery services, thus offering restaurants a full suite of services.

So, TapTasty is the mobile solution that helps you sell more. We create customized mobile applications and offer you a platform for managing your products and orders – from product management, price management, to how to deliver and carry out strategic marketing campaigns. TapTasty has all the ingredients to make your business thrive.

TapTasty is the ideal option for your business.

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