What is tapTasty?

If you opened this article it means you are curious to know what is tapTasty. Let us start by introducing ourselves.

Once upon a time there was a small coffee shop in an even smaller city. And they served small coffee in small cups. The end.

Well that would be the “small” version of this story, but stick around for the rest of it.

The people in the city loved this black nectar in-house brewed by these coffee gods. They wanted more and more, but the space was not doing them justice (even though it is a cosy and nice place).

coffee inmobito who we are

The owner one day sat down with a friend, probably for a coffee, and they came up with a way to serve more customers in the same setting. This is how tapTasty came to life.

We were “born” out of need and we are here to optimize your business and solve problems.

So do you have a place where people gem up at the counter or a location that is short on parking spots? Then we are the answer for you!

Want to have a more personal connection with your customers, create a relationship and an experience for them? Say no more, we have what you need!

You are a numbers and graphs kind of person? So are We!

So what are we?

taptasty orderig app

tapTasty is a mobile solution for selling more. We offer custom made mobile apps and a platform to manage your products and orders. From managing your catalog, detailed pricing, custom shipping methods to creating marketing strategies, tapTasty has it all.

We have brainstormed with restaurants, coffee shops, fast foods and many other types of businesses in the food and beverage industry, and we designed our service especially for you.

Every feature we created is meant to be a useful addition to what you are already doing, improve your current ways and also solve any problems you might be dealing with.

Discover all our features here.

You have decided tapTasty is for you? Write us and let us know the good news.

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