Why adopt “mobile-first” strategy?


In 2010  Google announced they will adopt a ”mobile first” strategy for the following years.

In 2015 ⇒ 30% of the total transactions at PayPal were made using a mobile phone.

And when Mark Zuckerberg decided to innovate a mobile strategy for Facebook, mobile became the first and most used way for Facebook users. The number of marketing campaigns made through mobile phones represented 76% of the companies income in 2015!



Nowadays, adopting a ”mobile first” strategy is a norm for any type of business, big or small, not just for big brands.

If these little facts did not convince you of the importance of going mobile (in 2020!), hopefully these 3 reasons described bellow will clear things up a bit and point you in the right direction.



It is a known fact by now, the number of mobile users exceed by far the number of desktop users. We can even observe this trend by looking at our friends and family. You will certainly see during the day a number of people with their mobile phones in their hands.

Considering the latest statistics of 2019, people use their phone more than their computer when accessing web services or using google for research.

China, a well known example, is the country with the biggest number of internet users,  802 million. 98% of them access the internet service via smartphone  and 90% of the time spent on the internet is dedicated to mobile apps.

The digital age we live in is increasingly focusing on the concept of “mobile-first”. If you want to face the competition and be among the great players, you should start to consider it.



Consumer expectations are rising day by day. They expect to have direct access to information from wherever they are and in the easiest way. That is exactly what you have to offer them.

The smart phone has certainly become the best way to get their attention because it is always at hands reach. Embrace the concept of “mobile-first” and launch a representative mobile application for your business. This method will provide a better experience for potential customers who will have direct access to your services and all the information related to your company. All this without putting too much effort. Even more, you will be able to grow your own community of customer and keep them up to date with your services.

Be first in front of your customers and ahead of the competition!



As the consumer experience gets better, so will their interest in your services.

As you keep them up to date with your offers, their interest in buying from you will increase as well. Don’t forget that more buyers is a big plus for your business and this will generate a higher income.

You can rip all these benefits with the help of the “mobile-first” strategy.


If you are convinced by these no brainer reasons to apply this concept for your company, but don’t know how, we can make this idea into reality for you. Don’t hesitate and contact us!

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