Why your business needs an app

App and why your business needs an app in 2018?

If up to now, the saying “if you don’t have a website you don’t exist” was a norm, nowadays the saying has changed “If you don’t have an app, you don’t exist”. Well at least not in the same league as the ones that took the leap of faith.

Firstly, if you have not moved with the trend, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities for your business.

In this article, we would like to present you the benefits that come along with owning your personalized app.

Always in touch

Every business man’s dream has to be this: to be in touch with your targeted customers. Not waiting for them to enter your website. Not having to work for that click, but get your message directly to your customers.

Seems impossible? Well having an app might offer you just this.

Any news updates, promotions, will pop right on their phones. This gives you the certainty that your message has reached your ideal audience.

Just think about this number: 2.53 billion smartphone users worldwide in 2018. Check the numbers here. If anything else doesn’t convince you to get this for your business, maybe numbers will give you a change of heart.

Customer insight

Researching your audience is not a delight for everyone. But it was always a useful and necessary resource. Just imagine what thoughtful customer insight you can get.

Having all this knowledge and data you can then use to identify new business opportunities. You can meet customers needs more easily and even develop new products based on their profile.

Imagine having an easy tool to use that helps you get into a deeper insight into your customers demographics, and based on this making it very easy to determine your most profitable products or your least ones.

Improve user app experience

Having a good app, with an easy to use design, could be easier to use even than your website. People love to use apps. That is why the big players on the tech market, long ago, have come to realize the benefits of having an app for your business.

Your customers want the comfort that a mobile app offers. The chances that they will become your customers, by offering them the option of an easy to use app, are very high.

Just think that 90% of time spent on mobile devices is spent in an app.

Make customers loyal to your brand

Because owning an app as a small business is still rare, by offering this benefit for your customers you will ensure they not just visit your brand, but become loyal to it.

These days everybody promotes their business the same way: roadside banners, newspaper, social media, Facebook, Instagram, flyers, and so one. What this does is it slowly reduces the impact an ad could have on a customer. They become too used to it.

Having this for your brand will not just help you stand out from the crown, but also make a true connection with your customer, a more sincere one. This will take them from customer that just likes your brand, to one that is loyal to it.

There are many other reasons why upgrading your business with an app is the next best thing for your brand, but we will settle with these for now. If we have sparked your interest on the matter, feel free to use our expertise and let us create the app your business deserves!

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