You got a mobile app, now what?

Mobile app is what your business needs. This is what you decided. You took all the steps, got the app your business deserves and now what?

When you decided to create an app for your business, one of the things you had in mind was probably to increase your sales. Definitely get more revenues. But getting an app was just a small part. While a product would not sell on its own, it is the same with an app.

Now you need to invest all your energy in getting your app out there. We’ve made a list of the most important steps in getting your app to stand out in the sea of apps.

1. Social Media

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When we think of social media, Facebook is the first one that pops in our minds. Facebook is indeed a great place to market your app. One of the best tools it has is Facebook Audience Network. This offers more results for promoters. With Facebook you can choose your audience, location, age, gender. Even the interests of the people you want to reach.

You can also promote your app on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, be present on the channels your future clients are.

The most important part is to be creative. Don’t just post the link to your app and wait for people to click on it. Make them curious about your app, engage your audience, tease and allure them. They will be more interested in actually clicking to find out more about your app.

2. Email marketing

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Email marketing is considered a classic form of marketing. Used appropriately (Including the new EU legislation of GDPR), you can easily let people know through email about your new app.

You can come up with creative and interesting strategies to present your app. Some of them would be to offer a reward for downloading, incentives, and so on, depending on your line of business. For instance if you are a coffee shop and decided to get an app, you can offer your users bonus points for future orders when downloading the app.

You can also include information about your app in your signature Given the number of emails we send each day as a company, it is only essential that you include information about your new app into every field of marketing.

Even if this email is regarding a potential client meeting, payment confirmation of just your regular newsletter, you should include an advertising like about your app, that includes details such as what your app is for and a link that redirects you where you can download the app.

3. QR codes

Because you are targeting the smartphone generation, QR codes should be one of the most important things that you do to promote your mobile app. The QR code can then be shared everywhere, from your Facebook cover, website, email signature, receipts, in store, flyers, everything you can think of.

Reach any smartphone user without costs and headaches. It is very easy to create, not expensive and is universally applicable. Because you are promoting your app it would be a no-brainer to not have a QR code to do this.

4. Influencers

What better to tell people about your app than word of mouth. If that “mouth” happens to be a well respected influencer you hit the jackpot. There are some people that are well respected for their opinions and reviews on products. When these people post or tweet they can really influence the buyers opinion.

If one of them likes your app they will most likely post about it even without you reaching out. If not, just take the matter in your hands and approach one, then just figure out how you can help one another.

You can do this also with another company, blogger, have them review your product and you can do the same for them in return. Get your app to as many people as possible through all the available channels.

5. In store promotion

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If your business is not just an online one, do not forget to use your store, restaurant or shop as a promotion method. You should use every aspect of your business to promote your mobile app. From your store window to the people working in store, everything and everyone should promote your app.

If you are a restaurant or a coffee shop, do not hesitate to put a QR code on tables, menus, to go cups, even bathrooms. Be present with the information you want to get through to your clients.

Events are a common thing in your line of business? Then during your next event promote your mobile app and even more, take the time to ask people to download your app right there, during the event.

6. Referral program

To have a good referral program can easily increase the number of users that will download and use your app. You can select to offer points for downloads and more points for first purchase. This way not only you encourage them to download your mobile app but also get him to use it to order or purchase through it.

You can do this even after a certain time since your app was released. Select a time frame in which you offer points for new downloads. Or mix it up, have your customers bring in new users to download the app and reward them points for marketing your app for you.

7. App optimization strategies

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Just as you would do to optimize your website or online information regarding your business, you should do the same to promote your app. In order to get more downloads in App Store or Google Play, you have to apply proper app store optimization strategies.

The App Store or Google Play is the first place where you should work on in order to sell your app. You can do this by writing a good app description, optimizing your content, include screenshots of your app.

All in all, every strategy that could get you more users to download your app is a good strategy. Some actions might work better in some lines of business, while for some others. You will just have to try and mix them up to find the best ones for you.

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