Learn how to boost revenue with your mobile app!

In order to boost the revenue of your business, you have to place yourself where people invest their attention:  smartphones! With the increase of smartphones on the market, people choose the mobile experience through apps over browsing the internet.

According to latest research on the market, mobile apps are anticipated to generate $188 billion by 2020. Now you are probably interested in reading more!

It is a mandatory move to launch a mobile app for your business, if you haven’t yet, but how can you actually make it fulfil its purpose:  boost revenue?

We all seek huge returns from the investments we make. A mobile app is an investment, after all. Applying the correct strategy, your mobile app can become a powerful tool to increase your revenue.

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Set up loyalty rewards

Introduce a loyalty program so that your everyday customers can be rewarded.

How can a loyalty program increase your revenue?

Setting up a loyalty reward program will encourage your customers to buy more than they normally do. Because of the rewarding feeling they get, they will be more eager to buy again and always come.

Studies reveal that 80% of consumers are more likely to shop at stores that offer a loyalty rewarding program. As 59% of people are more likely to join a loyalty program offered through a mobile app.

A smart loyalty program can help a company boost its revenue from 25% to 95%!

Data insights

With a mobile app you are in possession of users valuable data regarding their preferences. This will serve as a huge advantage for your business, used properly.


You can have an amazing insight into the life of your customers and their purchasing habits. This way you can understand better their consumer behaviour, interests, wishes and likes.

Take in consideration that by 2020, 51% of people expect that companies will anticipate their needs and make personalised suggestions. Also, having access to the personal information that they wish to share with you, you can choose to reward them using the loyalty program. One type of such reward is on their birthday.

All this information leads to tailored sales, which is the main key used in influencing customers to buy more.

Smarter push notifications

Smartphones make it possible for you to stay connected with customers on the go, so take advantage of this. When sending  a push notification  you have to be strategic about it. This is one of the solutions that we believe will  generate a higher income for your business.

Check this Push notifications strategy tips:
  • Send valuable offers, such as discount coupons, promotions.
  • Send targeted notifications based on data insights such as gender,  location, interests.
  • Send informative notifications about the offers related to a particular region
  • Use the data insights and send notifications to promote the products which sell less
  • Announce the new launched products or the upcoming discounts

Allow in app purchasing

We believe this is a no brainer, but you should allow your customers the comfort of paying directly through the app. This is one of the best ways to increase revenue because it saves a lot of time, and that is what most users look for nowadays.

Probably the best example is in the food & beverages industry. For them,  mobile apps are really popular among customers and can generate a really huge income through the in-app ordering.

Big chains, such as Starbucks, are far ahead of the curve making $1.6 billion. 16% of their transactions are made through a mobile ordering app. Other well known example who is included in this category is  McDonald’s and so on. So what’s holding your restaurant back?

Don’t hesitate any longer. We can provide the best mobile solution for your business.

Contact us and boost your business revenue through your own mobile app!

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